Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Excitement on your Disneyland Vacation

Summertime is here and that is really a fantastic time to take a Disneyland Vacation. There are many different things to celebrate the summertime with your friends and family and one way is to take an incredible trip to Disneyland! Disneyland offers all kinds of ways to enjoy the summertime from water rides to spectacular fireworks shows!

Splash Mountain

One of the most popular and refreshing rides of a summer Disneyland Vacation is Splash Mountain. This is a ride that actually gets you wet as you go streaming down a mountain and some super fast speeds. The beginning of the ride is a nice, enjoyable and relaxing ride through some nice shaded areas and often times you get sprayed by mist as well. However, the real excitement begins right towards the end when you go jetting down the side of the mountain with a typically huge splash at the end that typically guarantees most riders getting a nice, cool shower.

Fireworks Spectacular

Another staple of a summertime Disneyland Vacation is taking in the fireworks show that Disneyland puts on nightly for their guests. The best seats in the house are typically in the main square just before you get to the drawbridge at Snow White's Castle, however, get there well in advance as many people will have already staked their claim to some of the most prized spots on the ground. The fireworks show is accompanied by a wonderful story over the loud speaker that helps explain the show in greater detail and lets people truly enjoy the Magic of Disneyland.


A show the typically competes with the fireworks show is the water show Fantasmic. Fantasmic is a water show that has these huge water fountains spraying up water in a continuous sheet that allows Disney to project footage related to the show for all to see. The bulk of the action takes place on the island and your focus is on that point for a great deal of the show. After Mickey is able to overcome some tremendous obstacles (don't want to spoil this too much) the mood turns significantly upbeat and Mickey saves the day. This is followed by a wonderful dancing show by many of the Disney characters on the Riverboat traveling by in the man made Rivers of America. All in all, you will have a FANTASMIC time during your Disneyland Vacation and not unlike the Fireworks Spectacular you need to get there a bit early to stake your claim to the limited free seating available.

Soundsational Summer

In the summer of 2011 Disneyland is featuring some new and some revamped items to make your Disneyland Vacation during the summertime the greatest ever! Mickey's Soundsational Parade is described by Disneyland as some of the greatest Disney songs along with other great musical themes that go with a summertime in Disneyland.

Another new attraction in 2011 at Disneyland's California Adventure park is the wondrous World of Color. This is a nighttime water extravaganza for the whole family to enjoy. World of Color primarily takes place on huge sheets of water sprayed in a manner to resemble movie screens that people can watch the story on. This attraction also features shooting flames and other Disney signature effects created by the magnificent staff at Disneyland. All while wonderful Disney songs are piped to the crowd that go along nicely with the show being presented. This is an amazing new adventure for a family to include on their Disneyland Vacation list of things to do.

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