Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Advanced And Detailed Planning Will Ensure A Cheap And Stress-Free Disneyland Vacation

All kids dream of a Disneyland vacation and a lot of parents do too, although most would be concerned about the huge expense, the long lines, the all-too-possible meltdowns and the innumerable arrangements that have to be made. While all of these concerns are valid, families can have a great Disneyland California adventure with a lot of advanced, detailed planning. Here are some great Disneyland vacation tips to ensure that the trip would be a great one:

Check Dates, Prices and Other Places to Visit

Although the park is open all year round, there are some days when it is closed so make sure to check the website before making any Disneyland vacation arrangements. It would also help to check attendance data on when the park typically have fewer visitors to avoid huge crowds. If the trip would include visiting other attractions, check hours of operations and lean seasons for those as well.

One of the best ways to help with detailed planning is to order the Disneyland vacation planning video from the official website. This helpful resource is completely free and contains planning guides, lists of things to do and special events that families might want to time their visits with. While on the site, check out any current promos and discounts on admission as well.

Check Ride Restrictions and Availability

Since the best part of coming to Disney is the rides, it is important to check information on which rides will be down for maintenance on which dates. This information is available in the Disney website under Park Hours and Refurbishments. Also, check the height restrictions for the rides so as not to disappoint children when they are not allowed in the rides they are anticipating most. More detailed planners will also find the Ridemax software helpful because it allows users to plan a ride schedule. This ingenious software takes into account when the lines are the shortest at any given time so it will ensure shorter waiting times.

Buy What You Need Outside the Park

The last thing that a savvy visitor will do will be to purchase admission tickets right at the gate because that is the most expensive option. There are plenty of great deals online and investing some time in researching those would more than pay off in significant savings. For vacationers who are planning on visiting several attractions on their Disneyland vacation, the CityPass is one of the best deals to be had because it not only includes a 3-day pass to Disneyland and California Adventure, it also includes passes for Universal Studios, Sea World, and the San Diego Zoo.

Everything in the park is expensive so smart consumers must bring their own water, snacks and food before entering the park. Costumes and all manner of souvenir items can also be purchased for less than half their park price so that children can avoid purchasing these at the park’s souvenir shops.

Do Everything Early

The very best of these Disneyland vacation tips can really be summed up by this: do everything early. From planning the trip to showing up at the park, doing things early always makes anything easier. Purchase tickets, arrange transportation and lodging, make decisions on which attractions to visit and rides to do to ensure as few last minute issues as possible. On the day of the visit, show up the gates early and do as much as possible in the morning. This will allow some for some downtime in the afternoon for a restful nap at the hotel and avoid the worst of the lines. Return in the late afternoon too much shorter lines, refreshed and with no meltdowns in sight.

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